Covid-19 measures applicable from 7 March 2022 (code yellow)

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CODECO has decided to place Belgium in code yellow on the Corona barometer from 7 March 2022. This means that most of the health measures, such as the use of the Covid Safe Ticket, the generalized wearing of masks and the capacity limitations of events, can be lifted. Work and teaching can be organised entirely face-to-face.

Organisation of work

The organisation of work is unchanged. The normal arrangements for working from home as decided by the Board apply, i.e. 1-2 days (maximum) per week, to be arranged in consultation with the head of department, provided the nature of the function allows it. 

Working meetings and meetings of the governance bodies may be held in person. Participants are no longer required to wear a mask.

More information on the conditions of work organisation. 

Organisation of events 

From 7 March 2022, public events, recreational events and HORECA events can be organised without wearing a mask, without a limit on the number of participants, without closing time and without the need to present a Covid Safe Ticket.

More information on the conditions for organising events. 

University restaurants

All cafeterias and restaurants are open under normal conditions. From 7 March, all restrictions and sanitary measures are lifted.

Organisation of teaching and assessment

All learning and assessment activities are organised as normal. Lecture theatres and classrooms can be fully occupied. From 7 March, the wearing of masks will no longer be compulsory for students and teachers.

Ventilation of the premises

In order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, it is recommended that all rooms that do not have an automatic ventilation system be well ventilated. Air quality sensors are placed in many classrooms and portable sensors can be borrowed from SUPHT.

More information on ventilation and CO2 sensors 

Barrier measures

Wearing a mask is no longer compulsory, neither in offices nor in interior spaces accessible to the public (corridors, reception areas, classrooms, etc.). Wearing a mask remains mandatory in health care institutions (CHU) and is recommended when social distancing cannot be respected and in the event of large crowds. A FFP2 mask is recommended for medically vulnerable persons.

Compliance with general workplace hygiene measures, such as regular ventilation of the premises and hand disinfection, is recommended.

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