How do you report your absence from the University during your quarantine?

1- Immediately self-report your quarantine, whatever the reason

  • Self-report your quarantine as soon as possible to the ARH medico-social management department (via the button below or by email to and to your line manager (by email).
  • Self-report your quarantine for any reason (high-risk contact, symptoms potentially attributable to Covid-19, positive self-test result...), even if you can continue working at home.
  • Self-reporting will allow us to provide you with useful information (justification for absence from work, etc.) and to take all necessary measures to protect your colleagues. The information collected will be treated confidentially and will only be known to authorised persons (Medical and Social Management Department and Cohezio). Personal information is deleted after 10 days.

Self-register via this link

2- Communicate your quarantine certificate when you are ill and/or cannot carry out your tasks at home

  • You must send a quarantine certificate to your medical-social manager ( and to your line manager (by e-mail) if you are unable to carry out your professional duties from home. If you are able to continue your work duties from home, you do not need to send a quarantine certificate but you should inform your line manager (by email).
  • Persons who have performed a Covid-19 test under the supervision of a medical staff member (test centre, pharmacy) receive their quarantine certificate:
    • by email, provided that they have provided an email address at the time of the test;
    • online on the eBox via, after authentication (electronic identity card or ItsMe);
    • by making a request via the online form, provided that you have received an SMS with a quarantine code.
  • People who are contacted by the tracing centre and are considered to be high-risk contacts receive an electronic quarantine certificate.
  • If you have not been able to obtain your quarantine certificate by email or on the internet, you can contact your GP who will be able to provide you with it after assessing your situation.
  • If you do not have a quarantine certificate or a medical certificate, a dismissed staff member who has submitted his or her self-report electronically will be exempted from service on grounds of force majeure.
  • Self-tests (carried out without the intervention of a medical staff member) and saliva tests of the ULiège do not entitle to a quarantine certificate.
updated on 13/01/2022

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