Screening: what changes


A new saliva collection kit

The saliva collection kit has been simplified. From now on, the inactivation liquid (blue) sits in the sample tube and has no longer to flow from a sealed cap. This means that after using the funnel, you simply remove the funnel with the orange adapter and fasten the blue cap on the tube to close it. You can watch the video with the new using instructions.

New schedules to get your kit and return your sample

You can now obtain your kit and return your sample in any stand, regardless of its opening day. Stand locations and schedules have changed. You can take a look at them here.

Tests for those who have to come on campuses

The participation of people whose activities require their presence on campus is strongly encouraged in order to enable the early detection of outbreaks of infection and therefore the adoption of appropriate measures. Coming to the University only for being tested is highly discouraged.

Presentation of the ULiège badge is mandatory to get a kit

From 8 February onwards, you will have to present your badge to obtain a self-sampling kit. Scanning your badge will enable us to check compliance with the weekly quotas (1 kit per week and per person), but won't link your identity to your result. The whole process is designed to guarantee the anonymity of the results and the absence of individual statistics.

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