Special arrangements in the event of inability to take an examination

  • Any student who fails to attend an examination will receive a mark of 0/20. There will therefore be no absence mark for this January session.
  • Students who are unable to attend an in-person examination because they are in isolation following a positive test for covid-19 or in quarantine following a high-risk contact with a person who has tested positive for covid-19, should inform their faculty student administrator and submit a certificate. They can then contact their teacher to see if the examination can be organised in another way and/or at another time.
  • Students who are unable to take an examination for other medical reasons must inform the Registrar's Office by means of a medical certificate in accordance with the general regulations for studies and examinations.
  • The general regulations for studies and examinations still apply and can be consulted online via this link.
updated on 22/12/2021

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