Special arrangements in the event of inability to take an examination

  • Unlike other years, Bac 1 students may decide not to write an exam in the January session. However, it is imperative that they inform their faculty student administrator at the latest the day before the exam, otherwise they will not be able to take advantage of the June and/or possibly September session.
  • Bac or Master students who cannot attend a face-to-face examination because they are in isolation following a positive test at covid-19 or in quarantine following a high-risk contact (≤ 1, 5m, more than 15 minutes, without mask) with a person who has tested positive at covid-19, must inform their faculty student administrator and send them a certificate, in return for which the organization of the examination under another modality and/or at another time will be systematically considered.
  • Bac or Master students who are unable to take an exam for other medical reasons must inform their faculty student administrator by means of a medical certificate in accordance with the regulations for studies and exams.
  • Students who do not wish to take an exam are exempted from signing in to reduce simultaneous connections and travel.
  • The general regulations for studies and examinations have been adapted to take account of the particular context. They can be consulted online via this link.

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