Support structures for difficulties

Health crisis can induce or feed a feeling of anxiety, even distress, in some of u.

We remind you that structures exist and that the institution has made resources available to help any member of staff who feels the need. This page summarises the main information on the psychosocial support available.
Do not hesitate to call on these structures; their services are strictly confidential.

In case of discomfort linked to the health situation

  • Groups, organised for staff, offer the opportunity to exchange with peers but also to learn how to manage emotions and stress. In addition, mindfulness meditation groups are also offered.
  • Individual support is offered by the Clinique Psychologique et Logopédique Universitaire (CPLU) of the University of Liege.
    • appointment by mail ( or phone (04/366 92 96)
    • follow-up provided in person or by videoconference
    • free sessions for ULiège staff (max. 20 sessions)

In case of conflicts, malaise at work or any other work-related difficulty

LStaff members encountering psychosocial problems at work are invited to contact :

In case of financial or administrative difficulties or for support in returning to work after a long-term illness:

The ARH's Social Service for Personnel is at your disposal.

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