ULiège's administrative services remain at the disposal of researchers to answer their questions related to the procedures to be followed concerning the research programmes and the measures taken by the funding organisations.

To the laboratories and offices

  1. All individual and collective sanitary measures remain in force (gel, mask, social distancing): Wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone in the presence of other people in the same room or in places such as corridors, stairs, lifts, etc.
  2. It is up to the heads of department to draw up the schedule for staff presence on site, so as to ensure sufficient social distancing. As far as possible, it is recommended to limit the presence in the offices to one person at a time.
  3. The heads of department are the contact persons for any specific questions and difficulties concerning the takeover.
  4. Meetings in the presence of others, as well as breaks or meals taken in common, remain prohibited. If a member of staff presents symptoms, even mild, potentially attributable to the coronavirus, it is imperative that he or she remains (or returns immediately) at home and contacts his or her GP. If he or she tests positive, it is requested that, in addition to the general tracing measures that will be put in place, he or she spontaneously informs colleagues with whom he or she may have been in contact in the previous days so that they can take the necessary precautions.

Research programmes

Research funding agencies have gradually announced adaptation measures taken in the context of the crisis.

For more information about your research programmes, please consult the thematic pages available on the My.Recherche intranet (restricted access) or by contacting your file manager at :

Events, travel and travel

Travel to the United Kingdom and Ireland and from to the United Kingdom and Ireland to Belgium is currently prohibited to members of the ULiège community (except for exceptions duly authorized in advance by the Authorities).

All travel must be approved in advance by the line manager.


The travel of ULiège researchers outside Belgium and their return, as well as the reception of researchers from outside ULiège on our campuses are subject to the regulations in force according to the colour code in which the University is classified.

Consult the chart


The measures taken by the ULiège concerning teaching apply to doctoral training leading to the certificate of training in research.

Information on doctoral dissertations and annual meeting of the Thesis Committee (restricted access)

The measures taken by ULiège concerning research are applicable to the research activities of doctoral students, as well as measures relating to mobility (restricted access).

For more information, you can send an e-mail to doctorat@uliege.be.

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