Formalities for all students and visitors who arrive in Belgium

Travel to to the United Kingdom and Ireland and from to the United Kingdom and Ireland to Belgium is currently prohibited to members of the ULiège community (except for exceptions duly authorized in advance by the Authorities).

The Belgian Foreign Affairs service and Sciensano, the Belgian Covid pandemic institute, have designated a colour code according to your country of origin, with specific procedures in place for each colour.

The color codes are red   – orange   green   mceclip0 - 2020-08-29 12h32m02smceclip1 - 2020-08-29 12h32m07smceclip2 - 2020-08-29 12h32m13s

The colour zones are published on the Foreign Affairs website and are regularly updated.

Fill in a Passenger Locator Form 48 hours before your arrival in Belgium

The « Passenger Locator Form » must be completed by everyone arriving in Belgium, whatever their method of transport, except:

  • those staying in Belgium for less than 48 hours,
  • those returning to Belgium after a stay in a foreign country of less than 48 hours.

If you are travelling by car, please consult the following site to check the border crossing information and complete the « Passenger Locator Form ».

The Passenger Locator Form includes a risk assessment portion consisting of less than 10 questions.

Non-resident students who return to Belgium for more than 48 hours must :

  • Possess proof (sms or mail) of having completed the Passenger Locator Form.
  • And, from December 25th, have a document justifying a recent negative result (less than 48h) at the Covid-19.

From January 2021, quarantine will become mandatory but you can be exempted from it, if and only if :

  • Le Passenger Locator Form eveals the absence of risk behaviour.
  • You are provided with a document justifying academic obligations in the presence of the ULiège. You can generate this attestation automatically from now on via via this link.

The University also provides an attestation if you have to take an exam or clinical practice that would require an extension of the curfew (legally scheduled from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am). This document can be obtained from your faculty's apparitorate.

For any information, the Belgian federal call center Covid-19 can be reached at 0800 14 689.

You come from

a country located ...

In the red zone of the EU or a country outside the EU: mandatory quarantine


In the EU Orange Zone: quarantine and screening recommended


In the green zone of the EU: vigilance for 14 days


The color codes according to geographical areas are published on the Foreign Affairs website and regularly updated.

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