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23 June, 2022

Message addressed to ULiège' community.

Dear colleagues,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In September 2020, ULiège started a Covid-19 screening campaign allowing all members of the university community to test themselves every week. This campaign was made possible thanks to the inventiveness and commitment of our researchers, who installed a high-performance analysis line and developed an innovative saliva self-sampling process.

Nearly 118,000 analyses were performed on the samples submitted by members of the University, of which 2.63% were positive. This allowed each individual to be regularly informed of a possible infection and to take appropriate action.

In addition, the results of these analyses were included in a dashboard that brings together several indicators of the evolution of the epidemic within ULiège, such as the positivity rate, the rate of compliance with barrier measures or seroprevalence (SARSSURV study). This regularly updated information has been used to better manage the epidemic and to advance our knowledge about it.

The improvement of the epidemic situation over the last few months allows us to organize with peace of mind the definitive end of the saliva screening campaign. Concretely, the last self-sampling kits will be given out at the stands on Friday June 24 and saliva samples can be turned in until Thursday June 30 included. In Gembloux, the stands will cease to operate as of June 28. The SARSSURV study will continue at the beginning of the school year in a downsized version, without saliva and blood tests, according to the terms that will be communicated directly to the participants.

Practical information on the cessation of screening at ULiège:

Retrospective of the screening and results of the studies coordinated by the Risk Assessment Group :

Initiated and coordinated by Professors Laurent Gillet and Fabrice Bureau, this campaign was made possible thanks to the exceptional work of many researchers and services of the University. Their commitment was total in the face of a crisis that at the beginning no one knew how to control. The sense of common good, the inventiveness and the perseverance they have shown are to be commended.

Yours sincerely,

Pierre Wolper


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