Formalities for all students and visitors arriving in Belgium  

Useful information if you are currently abroad

Mobility - OUT (2020-2021)

General principles

Risk assessment by the person leaving, or by his or her academic referent or supervisor, and therefore inquire about :

  • health risks
  • the legislation of the host country (quarantine, etc.)
  • the means of transport available
  • the recommendations of the FPS Foreign Affairs

By the way,

  • there is no coverage by the Institution of the additional costs related to the pandemic
  • centralization of information (tracing), via existing tools (Modus, etc.), is essential for any reimbursement
  • the departure authorisation is subject to validation by the Authority

> Possibility of testing on return to ULiège.

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Persons concerned

  • Category 1: students, researchers, professors leaving for a long period (min. 1 month): Erasmus, internships, sabbatical year, post-doc, etc.
  • Category 2 : ad hoc missions (colloquia, excavations, field surveys, educational trips, visits, etc.) potentially concerning all categories of the University of Liège community.

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Mobility - IN (2020-2021)

General principles

  • focus on education
  • compliance with the health standards in force at the time of the planned activity

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Persons concerned

  • Category 1: students; researcher, professors for a long period (min. 1 month)
  • Category 2 : individuals isolated for a short period of time (student, researcher, teacher, patient, worker, delivery person)
  • Category 3 : groups of students, researchers, professors coming for a short period (1-4 days), typically for a colloquium, seminar, conference, workshop, etc.
  • Category 4 : outsiders to attend an event organised by third parties on one of the campuses of the University of Liège

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What are the official recommendations of the FPS FOREIGN AFFAIRS?

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