Learning modalities

All learning and assessment activities can be organised face-to-face. In practice, lecture theatres, classrooms, practice rooms, computer rooms, libraries and study rooms can be fully occupied.

From 7 March 2022, it is no longer compulsory for students or teachers to wear masks. However, everyone is free to wear a mask; a FFP2 mask is recommended for medically vulnerable people.

However, wearing a mask is still mandatory in health care institutions (e.g. the University Hospital of Liege).

During their internship, students must respect the rules applicable in the host institution. The placement sites have the right to require trainees to comply with the conditions applicable to their staff. If these conditions are not respected, the traineeship centres may refuse to accept the trainees.

ULiège General Operation Chart

Update: 5th March 2022
References: A.R. 27/01/22, A.R. 18/10/21, C. 8239 FWB, C. 8441 FWB, C. 8504 FWB

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