Procedures in case of symptoms or diagnosis of COVID-19 


Teleworking becomes compulsory. It makes it possible to reduce presence and contacts in our premises and also helps to reduce the number of people using public transport. As a result, video conferencing becomes the default choice for meetings. In practice, everything that can be done remotely must be, but an on-site presence in controlled sanitary conditions is perfectly justified for access to equipment or documents that cannot be taken away. Questions relating to individual situations are to be settled by managers within the framework of the general rules in force. The University is considered to be an essential sector and is not closed. Research activities continues, maintenance and surveillance of our premises must be provided.



At the workplace, the essential safety rules must be obeyed:

  • compliance with hygiene rules and safety distances;
  • masks are compulsory when safety distances can't be respected and when moving around.

A full reminder of the safety rules is available at here.

Individual protective equipment

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory in all of our indoor areas that are accessible to the public: corridors, auditoriums, libraries, etc. In other places such as offices, it is mandatory when the distance of 1.50 m cannot be respected.
  • The delivery of 2 reusable masks for each ULiège agent was completed in May 2020. As fabric masks have also been supplied by the Federal and the Municipalities, a new supply is not currently on the agenda. An exception exists however for newcomers who can be equipped at the SUPHT Store.
  • Wearing a cloth mask is the preferred equipment. However, for certain specific needs, disposable masks can be provided by the SUPHT on duly justified request. These include wearing the mask during dirty tasks, welcoming the public who would not have their mask on, etc.
  • We draw your attention in particular to the need to use exclusively cotton masks in laboratories where there is a risk of inflammation.
  • People for whom wearing a mask is a medical contraindication can replace it with a face shield. This equipment is available at the SUPHT Store.
  • Students will also receive a cotton mask during the first week of the new school year (Welcome Pack, pick-up points, SUPHT Store, etc.).

Download the SUPHT's brochure on wearing the mask at ULiège


Computer tools at your disposal

A series of digital resources and tools (restricted access) are available to help you adapt to this situation.

Psychological support

CPLU is available to provide staff with occasional psychological support during this period of confinement.

Let's keep in touch!

The pandemic is changing the habits of university staff. We are not all equal in the face of its potential psychic impact.  At the initiative of the ULiège authorities, the "Let's keep in touch" campaign offers free support schemes to reconnect and regain well-being.

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